What is Geeps?

GEEPS is a computer rescue system on a flash drive (or CD) that will give you  quick access to any computer that is still mechanically sound built since 1998.  (If the power supply is dead, or it is beeping several times when first powered on, GEEPS can’t help.  Those are hardware failures.)

It is the easiest way to remove data from ANY older computer – faster than trying to save files from the applications you normally use!  GEEPS is also a security tool, erasing all data from your computer for ultimate identity protection.

GEEPS gives you instant access to your data, even if

  • A virus has infected your computer
  • Malware fills your screen as soon as windows starts
  • Your CD doesn’t work any more
  • You are getting a blue screen of death
  • A software or other update has stopped Windows from booting
  • Any other software or operating system related problem.

Simple on screen instructions walk you through dragging your data to safety with just a mouse!  Quick start instructions are provided that will help you get started in seconds!  GEEPS displays the contents of most files, including photo, music and video to aid your rescue efforts.

GEEPS also provides a secure way to wipe your drive clean once your data is safe so you can securely dispose of your old computer.  Windows only removes the reference to a file when you delete it, leaving the data intact for anyone who knows computers to retrieve.

Even if your hard drive is bad, the GEEPS device will start your computer.  The GEEPS device uses a special version of Linux, not Windows or MAC OS to start the computer.  If your drive is still functioning, you can copy those files off to either your own external drive or to storage provided on the GEEPS flash drive that you connect to the PC.  After that, you can pursue any option you want to repair or replace your PC with peace of mind knowing that your data is safe!

If you are the curious type, the GEEPS device can help you diagnose the specific problem that ails your computer.  With this knowledge you can make a better decision to repair or replace the computer.

All GEEPS devices are easy to use and can be used over and over on as many computers as you like. Full instructions are included and are provided on this site.  For an Amazon review, click here.

GEEPS devices come in 3 models, New GEEPS-USBv2, 32 gig storage, and CD. Order yours today!