After starting your computer with GEEPS, you can easily move your files and erase your data to protect your identity.

You can watch a video demonstration here.

  • Download GEEPS quick start instructions at this link.  This is the document most people will need, and only consists of a few steps.
  • Download GEEPS BIOS access instructions at this link.  Some people will need this if their computer does not start immediately from the quick start instructions.
  • Get on screen instructions for GEEPS at this link.  This document contains additional help for using GEEPS to copy data and wipe your computer.

Other than hardware failure, the BIOS boot sequence is the only thing that will prevent GEEPS from starting your computer, and changing your BIOS boot order is easy!  The instruction sheets above can be downloaded and printed for  your use.

Below is additional information to help get your computer started.  Most people will be fine with the quick start instructions, but if they don’t work, there has never been a computer that we could not get started with GEEPS!* (*unless it had hardware failure).

If your computer was manufactured in 1998 or later, GEEPSv2 or GEEPS32 can start it.  Older computers can be started with GEEPS CD.  If your computer won’t use a USB keyboard, you will need the GEEPS CD. has a great instruction page HERE for accessing and changing BIOS settings.

Below is a video tutorial showing how to change the boot order in a typical BIOS:

(You want to change to USB or CD/DVD depending on which version you purchased.)

If the computer…

  • Does not show power at all,
  • If you hear beeps when you turn the computer on,
  • Or if the computer is physically damaged,

…chances are that GEEPS is not going to be able to resuscitate your computer.  There are hardware issues that are preventing ANY operating system from loading. The good news is that the drive can be extracted from the defective hardware and can be either installed in another computer or in an external drive case so you can access the data.

External drive cases are sold at computer stores that will allow you to take a hard drive and after mounting in the case, use it as an external hard drive with a USB connection.  GEEPS can be used to explore the data on the drive at that time and remove any that you wish to keep.

Below you will find links to vendor instructions to change the boot sequence of various models of their computers.  As an alternate, Dell and some other PC makers have an option during system start up that allows you to select a device to boot from that time only.  This is easier, but if you plan to use GEEPS more than once, you may want to change the boot sequence permanently.

What to do for your computer if GEEPS does not start it immediately…

Dell – Latitude 610, Dimension 3100, Inspiron 360, (If you have a different model, check these links.  F2 is pretty standard to change the BIOS, F12 will provide a quick boot menu that makes it very easy to start with GEEPS)

HP – Pavilion Notebook pc’s, (If you have a different model, check this link.  F10 for 2001 & earlier)

Lenovo – Thinkpad (Remember that you are setting to USB, not CD when you follow this.  F1 to change permanently, and for some models F12 will provide a temporary option.) has a model specific BIOS page HERE.

So you changed the boot sequence, but your computer still does not recognize GEEPS?  No problem!

Some USB BIOS settings on older machines may need to be changed for GEEPS to work, even when the boot sequence is correct.  Check to make sure that Enhanced mode for USB is on, as well as Legacy mode.  These may be under USB settings.

Another place to check in BIOS if your machine is being difficult is the hard drive config.  Once a hard drive option is selected, you may see USB listed as the second or third device in a list, with the HDD first.  If so, you need to change the order so the USB is first, and the HDD is second.

You may see references to the type of USB device being recognized.  USB as HDD is what you should put first if possible.

If you are still having issues, drop us a line on the support page.